Welcome to WCTDS, a Web-server of Cell Type Discrimination System!

WCTDS is a software for discriminating stem cell types and subtyeps based on DNA methylation biomarkers 1,2. Coded by Python, Django, R, Linux shell, and MySQL, WCTDS runs under Linux-Apache2 server.

To use it, please upload a tab-delimited file containing your methylation data. In your data, the column names must be labeled for your sample name and the row names as biomarkers. A sample file can be downloaded


It would take up to hours to run the math models after you uploaded your data, especially when many jobs are in queue. Please do not close your browser while running and please record and download your data following the dynamic link below after done. If you accidentally closed your web browser after successfully submitting your data, the program still run to complete, but the download link would not be shown. You still can download your result directly via http://www.combai.org/download/yourFullFileName (e.g. myTestData.txt) after done (~ hours). No data was permanently stored in the server. Please keep your result locally. Any questions, comments,and suggestions, please contact Anyou Wang via posting them to anyouwang.scienceblog.com.

It seems clear here, please upload a file below to run

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1. Anyou Wang, Y Du, Q He, C Zhou. A quantitative system for discriminating induced pluripotent stem cells, embryonic stem cells and somatic cells. 2013 PLoS ONE 8(2): e56095

2. Anyou Wang,Y Zhong, Y Wang, Q He. A web-server of cell type discrimination system. The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2014, Article ID 459064